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PCB circuit board

The name of the circuit board is: ceramic circuit board, alumina ceramic circuit board, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board, circuit board, PCB board, aluminum substrate, high frequency board, thick copper board, impedance board, PCB, ultra-thin circuit board, ultra-thin circuit board, printed (copper etching technology) circuit board.The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturized and visualized, which plays an important role in the mass production of fixed circuit and the optimization of electrical layout.Printed Circuit board can be called Printed Circuit board or Printed Circuit board. Printed Circuit board, Flexible Printed Circuit board, FPC Printed Circuit board (FPC Printed Circuit board, also known as Flexible Printed Circuit board) is a kind of Flexible Printed Circuit board made with polyimide or polyester film as the base material, which has high reliability and excellent flexibility.With high density, light weight, thin thickness, good bending characteristics.And the combination of soft and hard board - the birth and development of FPC and PCB, gave birth to the combination of soft and hard board this new product.Therefore, the combination of soft and hard board, is the flexible circuit board and hard circuit board, after pressing and other processes, combined together according to the relevant technological requirements, the formation of a FPC and PCB characteristics of the circuit board.


The circuit board is divided into three major categories: single panel, double panel and multi-layer circuit board according to the number of layers.

The first is a single panel. In the most basic PCB, the parts are concentrated on one side and the wires are concentrated on the other side.This type of PCB is called a single - sided circuit board because the conductor only appears on one side.Single panel is usually simple to make and low cost, but the disadvantage is that it cannot be applied to too complex products.

Double panel is the extension of single panel, when the single layer wiring can not meet the needs of electronic products, it is necessary to use double panel.Both sides are covered with copper and wired, and the connection between the two layers can be conducted through a hole to form the required network connection.

A multilayer board is a printed circuit board (PCB) with more than three layers of conductive grapjiang hics and insulating materials separated by lamination, and the conductive graphics are interlinked as required.Multilayer circuit board is the product of electronic information technology developing towards the direction of high speed, multi-function, large capacity, small volume, thin type and light weight.

Circuit board according to the characteristics of the word is divided into soft board, hard board, hard and soft combined board