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The way to distinguish the quality of PCB

1. The ordinary HB board and 22F are cheap and easy to be deformed and fractured, so they can only be used as a single panel. The component surface color is dark yellow with an irritating smell, and the copper coating is rough and thin.

2, single 94V0, cem-1 board, the price is relatively higher than the cardboard, the component surface color is light yellow, mainly used for the fire grade requirements of the industrial board and power board.

3, glass fiber board, the cost is high, good strength, double-sided green, basically most of the double-sided and multi-layer hardboard are made of this material, copper can be very precise very fine, but relatively speaking the unit board is heavier.

No matter what color of ink printed on the PCB board, it should be smooth and flat, without copper exposed by false wires, bubbling and easy falling off. Characters should be clear, and there should be no edge of oil passing through the hole cover.Now do you know the methods and steps to distinguish the quality of PCB?If you still have questions, please consult jingbang technology!