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Fastpcba rated as

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national "measures for the administration of the recognition of high-tech enterprises" and "guidance for the administration of the recognition of high-tech enterprises".Recently, our company has received the "national high-tech enterprise" recognition certificate jointly issued by shenzhen science and technology innovation committee, shenzhen finance committee and shenzhen taxation bureau of state administration of taxation, thus officially entering the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.

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The company will continue to uphold the "excellence, quality first" concept, "for customers to think a little more, for customers to do a little more, quality as the root, service for the" jing bang is the purpose of service.Jingbang through resource integration, process integration, department integration, so that customers really feel fast, quality, efficient service.

In the process of development, the company united as one, common struggle, is committed to creating a first-class culture, first-class enterprises.Adhering to the ISO9000 standards, adhere to the spirit of perseverance, all the staff to participate in quality improvement, constantly absorb the latest international technology, improve product quality, beyond the needs of customers.