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Top 10 benefits of choosing PCBA

Many people don't understand what PCBA is. PCBA is a production form from PCB, component procurement, SMT production to PCBA finished shell assembly. PCBA production has many advantages, especially for small technology companies. Choosing PCBA manufacturers can save time and money. The following is the top ten points of PCBA valued by Jingbang Xiaobian. I hope to help you.
1. Reduce the time and money costs of developing suppliers for customers;
2, reduce the cost of the customer's warehouse area;
3, for customers to reduce the cost of buying components due to small orders without cost advantage;
4. Reduce the salary cost of procurement personnel for customers;
5, PCBA problem only find a supplier;

6. Simplify customer logistics arrangements;

7. Improve the efficiency of mass production and reduce manufacturing costs;

8. Reduce the salary cost of quality personnel for customers;

9, save customers' inspection equipment costs;

10, the system tracks the production of orders and material inventory.

The above are the top ten benefits of choosing PCBA, so what are the top ten disadvantages of non-PCBA? It is worth thinking about.